Custom Cooked Diet Guide

Custom Cooked Diet Guide

A Step-By-Step Plan for You & Your Pup

Start your journey towards improving your dog's health with a Custom Diet Guide created by Kayla specifically for you and your dog.

Custom Cooked Diet Guide

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One recipe is a day's worth of food. Each guide includes two properly balanced recipes and additional recipes are available above at a discounted rate in order to provide more variety.

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What's in Your Guide?

Your Guide Will Be Delivered Via Email Within 7 Days & Include:

  • A step-by-step plan to transition your dog to their new diet.
  • 2 custom properly balanced recipes using NRC requirements with easy to follow instructions.
  • Additional recipes are available above at a discounted rate.
  • Portions specifically tailored to fit your dog's nutritional needs.
  • Recommended supplements and super foods for optimal health.
  • Links to purchase supplies to help make meal prepping as easy as possible.
  • 3 weeks of email support is included once your guide has been emailed to you. Additional support can be purchased upon request.

Bonus for Puppies

  • Calculators that will adjust how much food your puppy needs as they grow & become an adult dog.


  • Feeding a properly balanced cooked diet can increase a dog's lifespan by several years.
  • Dogs are biologically designed to thrive off of fresh food, just like wolves.
  • Strengthens dogs' immune systems to help fight diseases, infections & viruses.
  • Freshens breath, whitens teeth, & prevents gum disease.
  • Reduces shedding, hair loss & dandruff.
  • Smaller, less frequent & less smelly poops.

Success Stories


Nico is 9 1/2 years old and has had multiple issues throughout his life. He was recently struggling with pancreatitis and has had allergies most of his life. When I saw Kayla’s Instagram I knew that I wanted to try cooking his meals. Nico loves his new diet and is thriving on it. His liver enzymes had been up before we started this diet. After a couple of months, we had them rechecked and they came down significantly and are now at normal levels. Our vet was very impressed and said to keep doing whatever we are doing now! Thank you Kayla!

Mama to Nico

I have an 8-year dog whose name is Shelby. For a while she was struggling with issues from itching due to allergies and just being overall tired, she just didn't seem to be herself. Well, that was until I found Kayla Kowalski Nutrition! I paid a small fee and she sent me the most detailed diet plan I have ever seen. I was a bit skeptical at first but I figured hey it's worth a try. Now fast forward 6ish months. I took Shelby to the vet for a senior check up. And the vet said she is hands down the healthiest 8.5 year old dog they have ever seen. When I explained what I feed her and how I found out about this diet they said without hesitation that that is hands down the best thing I could have done for her. So Kayla my hats off to you I am very grateful you took the time help Shelby, it means a lot thank you!

Dad to Shelby

My family is so happy we came across Kayla on Instagram! Romeo had severe allergy issues on kibble which caused him to chew on his paws and tail constantly. We were nervous to feed a raw diet but Kayla quickly let us know a cooked diet would be a great option and would help with his allergies! A few weeks after starting Romeo on a cooked diet, along with some supplements Kayla recommended, he stopped biting at his paws and tail and all of his fur grew back! We are so thankful and could not recommend this enough.

Dad to Romeo