Crockpot Kibble Topper Recipes eBook

Crockpot Kibble Topper Recipes eBook

Crockpot Recipes eBook

By Kayla Kowalski, Certified Canine Nutritionist

Featuring 30 homemade kibble topper recipes to make your dog healthier & happier!

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Learn How to:

  • Make 30 easy one pot recipes for your pup!
  • Learn how to calculate how much crockpot toppers to add to your dog's kibble.
  • Feed the healthiest meats, organs, vegetables, herbs & more.
  • Substitute foods to work within your options while shopping.
  • Make the most of supplements without feeling overwhelmed or over-budget.
  • Transition your dog between different kibble options for a healthier base.
  • A bonus recipe for homemade golden paste!
  • Links to purchase food, supplements & supplies to help make cooking as easy as possible.
  • And so much more!
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  • Improve your dog's health & longevity with recipes created by a Certified Canine Nutritionist. 
  • Reduce itching, shedding, hair loss & dandruff.
  • Boost the immune system to help fight diseases, infections & viruses.
  • Increase your dog's energy & boost their mood with exciting, nutritious toppers.
  • Help make your dog overall healthier without having to take the leap to an entirely new diet. 
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Thank You for Supporting

This recipe book is the result of months of labor & love to help give as many dogs as possible a healthier, longer life. I can't wait for your pup to try these recipes and hopefully become healthier & stronger for years to come! Thank you for all of your support and for being the best pet parent that you can be for your fur baby.