How To Improve Your Dog&

How To Improve Your Dog's Kibble eBook

How To Improve Your
Dog's Kibble

By Kayla Kowalski, Certified Canine Nutritionist

Your A to Z guide on feeding your dog a balanced, healthy diet of kibble with fresh food toppers.

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Learn How to:

  • Transition your dog's diet without causing an upset stomach.
  • Calculate the perfect balance between less kibble & more fresh foods.
  • Feed your dog the best foods by following Kayla's recommendations.
  • Make the most of supplements without feeling overwhelmed or over-budget.
  • Bonus recipes for golden paste, almond butter & 2 different bone broths!
  • And so much more!


  • Improve your dog’s health with expert advice from a Certified Canine Nutritionist.
  • Feeding a partially raw diet can increase a dog's lifespan by several years.
  • Strengthen your dog's immune system to help fight diseases, infections & viruses.
  • Fresher breath, whiter teeth & prevent gum disease.
  • Reduce shedding, hair loss & dandruff.
  • Smaller, less frequent & less smelly poops.

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The methods in this eBook have helped dogs overcome countless health issues and live longer lives than their owners and veternarians expected. I've been able to help thousands of dogs around the world through my videos, Custom Diet Guides & eBooks, all thanks to your support! Let's continue to spread awareness and knowledge that can give families more time with their furry loved ones.