Joint Support eBook

Joint Support eBook

Joint Support eBook

By Kayla Kowalski, Certified Canine Nutritionist

Ease, prevent and manage joint issues in your dog. Crucial for all ages from puppies to seniors to stay mobile & active with minimal pain & arthritis. Includes 10 bonus recipes!

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Learn How to:

  • Fight arthritis! 20% of dogs have arthritis by age 1 and over 80% by age 8.
  • Reduce inflammation, leaky gut and other harmful problems in your dog’s body.
  • Use supplements that target joint issues and pain relief. 
  • Improve your dog's diet with my recommendations for foods that support joint health.
  • Incorporate exercise, red light therapy & acupuncture. 
  • 10 recipes for bone broths, golden paste, gummy supplements.
  • And so much more!


  • Improve your dog’s health with guidance & supplement recipes formulated by a Certified Canine Nutritionist.
  • Help keep your dog mobile & active with minimal pain & arthritis through their whole life, from puppy to senior. 
  • Decrease inflammation to manage joint issues, illnesses, diseases & other health issues. 
  • Regulate your dog’s immune system and the bacteria in their gut for a happier, healthier life.

Thank You for Supporting

Thank you for your support and for giving your dog all of the love & care they deserve! I hope you & your pup enjoy this journey together!