Summer Treat & Supplement Recipes eBook

Summer Treat & Supplement Recipes eBook

Summer Treat & Supplement Recipes eBook

By Kayla Kowalski, Certified Canine Nutritionist

Featuring 30 homemade recipes that are easy, affordable and incredibly healthy for your dog!

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30 Easy Recipes to Learn How to:

  • Make summer-themed treats to keep your pup cool & hydrated in the heat.
  • Keep your dog's skin & fur soft and shiny.
  • Give your dog homemade supplements for fighting cancerdeworming, reducing allergies, and keeping them calm for a fraction of the price you’d pay at stores.
  • Make brushing and caring for your dog's teeth easier & more fun.
  • And so much more!


  • Improve your dog’s health and wellbeing with treats & supplements formulated by a Certified Canine Nutritionist.
  • Save money in the long run by following these easy and affordable recipes.
  • Control the quality of your dog’s treats & supplements.
  • Avoid harmful additives, preservatives, and low quality ingredients commonly found in store-bought products.
  • Bond with your dog while giving them the best care possible.

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Thank you for your support and for giving your dog all of the love & care they deserve! I hope you & your pup enjoy your summer and all of these new recipes!